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About Us

Discover more about Christy Homes and the unique history that sets us apart in Texas.

Christy Homes is a family-owned and operated property management company serving residents of Amarillo and Grandbury, Texas. Our team has experienced in the local rental and real estate markets, which allows us to handle any problems that arise.

The company was originally founded in 1973 and we have provided rental homes in Texas since we started the business. Our team also has experience in the local real estate market due to 13 years of working in construction and real estate. Although Christy Homes provides single family residential rentals, we have experience in commercial and residential real estate.

Our experience in multiple facets of real estate and the rental market allows us to take care of our tenants. We understand your goals and take measures to ensure you feel comfortable in a rental home. Allow us to handle the details of finding the right rental home in Texas. Our team has the tools and experience to work with your plans and needs.